The Sabbath

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Where the Unexpected Happens Eva said, “No, not interested” in a very annoyed tone of voice, even before I could say where we were from. I wished her a good day and turned to the next door nearby. A young man answered the door and he too said the same thing, even before I could say where we were from. However, I went on to explain, even though he had interjected twice and said, “No, not interested.” I wished him a good day and Ula and I headed down the stairs.

As we were halfway down the stairs I heard a voice call out, “Excuse me, where are you from and what are you doing?” I turned and went up the stairs and explained to Eva what we were doing in the neighbourhood. She had overheard what I had said to her neighbour.

She then invited us in and at her request I briefly explained about the books. She agreed to have a quick look at the books, but warned us that she was not going to buy anything. She said we would just be wasting our time showing her the books. I said we would be happy to demonstrate the books without obligation to her, and proceeded. It was only a minute after that when she began to ask questions. Five minutes later she made a decision to purchase the food books.

Eva literally talked herself into making the right decision. She had just returned from the bank (a few minutes later I had knocked on her door) after depositing a bank cheque for the sale of her previous home, and was in the process of moving into her newly bought home. God takes responsibility for the success of His work. - Ula Tini and Eunice Winship, Northern Area

Important reading: The seven years of tribulation exposes the lies of the enemy on this deception manufactured by Jesuit priests and teaches the real truth on the second coming of Christ. Solar seals and the number of the beast has fascinating information on magic squares with the number 666 on them that came from Babylon. And the following sites explain why the Bible refers to the Roman Catholic Church as Babylon. So Constantine and the origin of sun worship followed by Catholic Church paganism and then who changed the Sabbath to Sunday will help greatly in understanding why Satan did these things and was behind the day change from the beginning. [sabbath]